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Japanese Web Retailers

There are some retailers in Japan with an amazing selection of bonsai tools and accessories, and shipping is surprisingly affordable. In fact, I’ve found the shipping of these sites to be less expensive than what many American bonsai retailers can offer me. Two of these retailers I can recommend with confidence.

The first is Bonsai Network Japan.


They have a huge selection of Masakuni, Yoshi, and Nobuichi tools. Also available is a variety of display accessories, copper wire, and books including lots of Kokufu album back issues. To get a shipping price, you must assemble your order and submit it for a quote. To give you an idea, I ordered a large book, knob cutters, grafting tape, and wire cutters. The box was 30 x 20 x 15 cm and weighed over 1 kg. Air shipping from Japan Post was under $12! It arrived in exactly 13 days as promised, with no surprise custom fees. Maki from J-Bonsai is extremely helpful and is clearly experienced in shipping to other countries. I highly recommend this retailer.

Another great retailer is Kaneshin Bonsai Tools.

CaptureAs the name implies, Kaneshin only sells one brand of tools, but their selection is incredible and the tools have a great reputation. They sell just about everything you could want and more. A nice thing about this website is that you can calculate the shipping costs yourself based on the weight of the items ordered. Obviously things get expensive as the size of the order increases, but I would say the economy shipping prices are pretty fair, especially compared to what I’ve seen some vendors in the US quote me.


Expensive Japanese Cut Paste: Is It a Waste of Money?

The debate over whether or not to use cut paste will never end. I’m not here to discuss that đŸ™‚ Let’s just assume you do use cut paste (like most bonsai professionals), but you have always secretly felt like a sucker for buying this stuff.

As usual, the professionals have found a cheaper and more efficient way to do it. At Aichi-en in Japan, they use regular old joint caulk. And they use it on everything – conifers and deciduous, tears, splits, clean cuts, everything.

Its dirt cheap, waterproof, easier to apply than the clay style paste, and it even comes in pink!