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Perlite is good (but that doesn’t make it pretty).

I’ll keep this brief because soil discussions are not exactly exciting.

This is the first tree I’ve repotted since I started putting all my collected trees in 100% perlite two years ago. The root growth has been excellent and I was glad to see that there has been no noticeable decomposition of the perlite after two winters.

There are probably a million other substrates that larches grow equally well in, but you would be hard pressed to find one that is as inexpensive and lightweight as perlite.

So perlite is good. Not exactly revolutionary.

/end of soil discussion.

Collected with a weak root system in 2012.

Collected with a weak root system in 2012.

Now it has a strong root system.

Now it has a strong root system.

The red stuff you are seeing all over my trees is coloured mulch. I got it for really cheap last autumn but now the damned stuff is everywhere!

Perlite as a Bonsai Substrate

Perlite is readily available and cheap, but I’ve never really used as a soil component because it is too lightweight (floats/doesn’t weigh down the pot) and it is really ugly.

However, I’ve noticed that there seems to be a practically religious following in Italy of bonsai growers who swear by using pure perlite for rehabilitating recently collected yamadori.

As evidence of the powers of perlite, check out these amazing pictures taken from this thread on the forum, which is administered by Andrea Meriggioli (a young professional in the very serious Italian bonsai scene):

Pinus nigra... once of those "oops" trees that did not exactly come out of the ground as expected. It is amazing that Andrea even bothered to try with this tree.

As far as pine goes, this is practically no roots.

Planted in pure perlite

Here it is budding out. The tree is still alive today!

It even has roots coming out of the pot in the same growing season as it was planted.

I’m not sure if perlite can be given all the credit for this pine pulling through. Andrea also used a number of tonics when he planted the tree (“radimix, bioxim, and antym kombu40 etc.”), whatever that stuff is. Nevertheless, it is an impressive story.