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Winter Rodent Repellent

Last winter I went out to check on my sleeping trees and saw that mice were chewing the bark on one of my junipers. I went to buy mothballs as I’ve heard they are effective deterrents but the guy at the hardware store told me dryer sheets work even better. While cackling and rubbing my hands together, I thought – “why not both?” Wrapping a couple of moth balls in a dryer sheet hopefully doubles the deterrent and also makes it easy to keep track of where they are and when they need replacing.

These mouse-repellent bombs worked well for me last winter, so this year I am again putting them around the perimeter of my overwintering areas. The mice usually travel along walls and fences so I try to focus on those areas. My yard smells like a confusingly pleasant mix of grandma and freshly washed towels.

If you have a vegetable garden, you might want to keep the mothballs away from there – at least, that’s what I’ve heard.