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An Incredible Grafted (Setsu-goyou) Miyajima White Pine in Japan

Grafted Miyajima White Pine (Pinus parviflora) have a bad reputation because it is difficult to find a specimen with a smooth graft between the black pine base and white pine top. This is probably because the black pine base grows faster and more strongly than the white pine top.

While visiting a private garden in Japan, I saw this masterpiece grafted miyajima white pine. The trunk line was practically flawless, with hardly any swelling or unsightly graft transition (unfortunately not visible in the picture). This is rare even in Japan, making this a very special tree.

To make things even more incredible, the owner told us that this tree had not been detail wired in nearly 30 years! I found that almost impossible to believe. That would be the ultimate display of bonsai maturity and maintenance techniques.

Masterpiece grafted (setsu-goyou) Miyajima White Pine