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Run free, Forsythia!

This forsythia was collected two years ago from a school that wanted to replace all their landscaping with native species as their feeble contribution to the Green Wave. Its not a great piece of material (lacks taper) but forsythia with thick single trunks are rare so I was happy to dig it up.

I stuck the thing in a small pot last spring and I’m surprised it didn’t break it with the root growth. To thicken the new apex branch, I planted it in the ground today. It will probably take a while to get the desired taper transition (read: forever) but I am mainly growing this tree for the flowers so it doesn’t have to be perfect.

On another note, did anyone else notice this was an incredible year for forsythia flowers? Maybe it had something to do with the mild winter…

Pretty gnarly trunk, but lacking taper.

Forsythia are incredibly prolific root growers. I had this tree half submerged in a basin of water all last summer because I couldn't keep up with the watering. It loved it.

The roots were coarsely raked out and some thick roots cut back.

This pic shows the new apext that I want to thicken up a bit. Thrice its current thickness would probably suffice for a decent image. That branch was grown in 1 year, so who knows what might be possible this year in the ground...

You're free.. now go! The soil was enriched with a bit of turface and some bone meal.