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A Unique Composition

This is a very interesting trident maple that I did some winter cutting on at Aichi-en back in December. I think Mr. Tanaka’s father started this tree something like 30 years ago. The development of branching and ramification has begun relatively recently, but with the rate at which tridents grow in Nagoya and techniques of the Aichi-en crew, this tree should progress rapidly.

What makes it interesting is that it is planted on (not in) a natural crescent stone. I like this planting because it shows the variety of bonsai that you can find in Japan. I’ve heard the term cookie-cutter used to describe Japanese tree before, but I really don’t think it makes sense. Definitely not for this tree, and not even for the rows of black pines I saw in Japan and in Kokufu albums. Once trees develop age and bonsai maturity, they seem to develop their own character that could not be duplicated if you tried.

I like how the curve of the stone is continued in the curve of the trunk. The dropping branch is a recurring motif on tridents at Aichi-en.

The stone acts as a basin that fills with water. There are roots growing in there, and an entire ecosystem it seems.