Favourite Retailers

Shopping for bonsai supplies in Canada can be a challenge. I highly recommend the following retailers based on my personal experiences.

Bonsai Gros Bec (Family owned bonsai nursery in a beautiful setting about one hour outside Montréal)

Hollow Creek Bonsai (Rochester based nursery which can provide phytosanitary certificates)

Iker Bonsai Pottery (Chuck Iker is based in Iowa and makes good quality bonsai ceramics)

Japanese Bonsai Network (Japanese site with huge selection of various brands of tools. Incredibly cheap shipping rates for small packages)

Kaede Bonsai-en (Matt Ouwinga – reseller of fine bonsai pots. Bareroot seedlings cannot be shipped to Canada)

Kaizen Bonsai (Graham Potter, UK. Good selection of carving tools with fair shipping rates)

Kaneshin Bonsai Tools (Outstanding Japanese site with huge selection of Kaneshin-brand tools and bonsai accessories)

Lee Valley Tools (Canada-wide retailer with a small selection of Japanese bonsai tools as well as specialized gardening tools/equipment such as misters, soil sieves, etc.)

Shikoku Bonsai (Large selection of bonsai material grown from seed with great care over 20+ years. Based near Vancouver, BC)

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