Messing Around With a Small Cedar

This little thuja (~30cm to top of jin) was collected in spring 2011. It’s not exactly a jaw-dropper, but it has some nice movement, natural jins and it reminds me of the big old thuja I see with dead tops.

Preserving the old flaky bark while extending the deadwood was difficult, and some was inevitably lost. Some was actually intentionally removed as it was giving an illusion of inverse taper.

This tree probably won’t be touched for the rest of the year except for some light trimming if the foliage bounces back strongly.

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  1. crust

    Like the wickedness of this smaller one. I was out working the cedars today too, nothing as dramatic as your styling, just maintenance thinning and pinching –very relaxing.

    June 14, 2012 at 10:10 pm

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