Cool Thuja

Perhaps my favourite thing about old collected Thuja is the little details.

This tree was brought in to display at a local club meeting, and is more or less the same as it was when growing in the wild. Aside from some casual annual cutting and a bit of wire here and there, the owner has never really tried to make a bonsai of this tree. Instead it is just an old Thuja growing in a pot that is appreciated for its wild beauty. I would probably try to take the tree to a more refined state, although I understand the owner being content with the natural beauty of the tree.

While at first glance a rather and straight and boring looking thing, the incredible details tell another story.

The tree is about 1m tall and is in a Sara Raynor pot. It is a gorgeous pot, but slightly too showy for my taste.

Shari detail.

Strange hollow jin. It almost looks like this was drilled out by a bonsai artist, but it is 100% natural.


Shari separating from trunk.

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  1. Great photo’s, very clear
    And what a great Bonsai specimen (interesting).
    Thanks for sharing

    June 7, 2012 at 11:56 pm

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